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London Stalling – a report on London’s congestion by the GLA

Holding the Mayor to account and investigating issues that matter to Londoners Over a decade ago, London led the world by introducing a Congestion Charge in the centre of the city. The scheme has proven successful, keeping a lid on private motor traffic and creating new space for buses, cyclists and pedestrians on the busiest part of our road network. Congested cities around the globe looked to London as they considered how to tackle the gridlock on their own streets. However, congestion has begun to increase sharply again, and not just in central London but across the capital. Traffic...

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Blockade at the bank Day 4 : New Day, New Plan…. By Jim Thomas

After the police slapped a section 14 on the Demo at the Bank, organisers decided to throw a curve ball in retaliation to the 30 minute restriction and changed the venue for day 3 to Parliament Square. The Met Police had already put into operation restriction around the Bank Junction and were left red faced as no one turned up. At first they thought they had beaten the protesters but it soon became clear, the boot was on the other foot. Westminster was gridlocked for best part of an hour till the traffic police turned up. They then made...

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Bank Junction Blockade Day 3 : Plans Kept Off Social Media Leaves City Police In The Dark.

It gets worse!…. By Dave Davies. The Planning and Transport Committee have given permission for two massive sky scrapers, just a couple of hundred metres away from Bank Junction.   Chair of the committee, Chris Haywood, claims Taxis are to be banned from  Bank Junction for safety reasons??? Giving Planning consent for these two new skyscrapers in the city, will create hundreds of construction vehicle movements for HGVs -the very vehicles, allegedly responsible for killing the most cyclists and pedestrians that he is claiming to protect. There will also be 22k employees working in the two Skyscrapers plus additional...

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Major Victory For The Taxi Trade, Over Who Can Call Themselves A Taxi….. By Jim Thomas

Seems a Minicab company can no longer pretend to be a Taxi! Well done to everyone who made the effort to put in a complaint to the ASA, after it was shown Addison Lee had changed the heading on their download sites for their minicab app. Well Done to Advertising Standards Authority who have told Addison Lee to remove the WORD TAXI from Addison Lee’s advertising as they are Private Hire and not Taxis. Info not on the ASA website yet. The decision shows just how inadequate and incompetent TfL are as licensing administrator. We’ve known for a number...

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I Have A Fishing Rob…Doesn’t Mean I Can Fish…. By Lee Ward.

I have continued to work on my theory (knowledge actually) of the Uber App being illegal, and have continued to search for further evidence. Some information that I was intrigued to read was from the TfL Press Releases that are found online. The one that I was intrigued about was from the 9th of April 2014 headed ‘TfL Invites trades to help shape regulatory framework for taxi and private hire apps’ where it stated: However, the rapid pace at which smart phone based technology has been developing in recent years has led to a need for clarity about what...

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