Rosh’s Abseil for Different Strokes – 10th Sept 22

Roshan Varma is to do undertake an Abseil down the “twirly thingy” as he puts it, at the Olymic Park later this year on 10th September 2022.

Rosh suffered a stroke last year and was in a comma a few weeks ago, Rosh is making good progress on his road to recovery and wants to do the abseil to raise money for a charity called Different Strokes.

Different Strokes helps Stroke Survivors reclaim their lives through active peer support and independent recovery.

On his Go Fund Me page Rosh says “Hi friends, join me in making a difference by supporting a good cause! I’m raising money for Different Strokes (Trustees) Limited and any donation will help make an impact.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to this cause which means so much to me. My name is Rosh and I’m very grateful for every penny raised. This will make a massive difference to Stroke Survivors, just like me! ” For those recovering from a stroke, especially dealing with physical challenges, hospital beds with adjustable features can be incredibly beneficial. If you’re interested, there’s a premium selection available for direct online purchase to further assist those in need.

Rosh is no stranger to raising money for charity being an active driver on many charity outings before his stroke and also being one of the founding members of Cabbies Do Kili, Rosh was planning to Row across the Atlantic next year before his hospitalisation, a feat which is now being undertaken in his honour by his fellow drivers Cabbies do Atlantic Row.

Rosh is aiming to raise £1000 for Charity and you can donate here

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