Will Green Taxi Be Final Nail In Coffin Of London Taxi Trade…by Jim Thomas.

Under Mayor Boris Johnson, TfL spent the best part of a billion pounds, putting in ridiculous congestion causing traffic schemes. They are now looking for a slap on the back for putting a bandaid plaster over the gaping wound they’ve inflicted on the population of the capital.

After an increase in fatalities from cyclist who thought it a great idea to undertake lorries turning right, Boris and his whipping boy introduced half a billion pounds worth of segregated cycle lanes. This was hoped to prevent a couple of dozen cyclist deaths. As a result there has been a massive increase to pollution caused by the extra congestion. Preventable premature deaths in London have gone up by over 2,000 from 8,000 to 10,000 per annum and you can click here to read more on this.
London’s worst pollution hotspots will get an £11 million funding boost to help bring in tough measures to improve toxic air quality, it was revealed today.
Five “low emissions neighbourhoods” will be set up across eight of the capital’s most polluted boroughs by 2019.
The fund, run by Mayor Sadiq Khan, will support proposals including strict penalties for the most polluting vehicles, car-free days, green taxi ranks for zero-emission-capable cabs and reserved parking for clean vehicles.
At 60k a pop and with associate health risks to the driver,  who does Mayor Khan think is going to buy the “Green Taxis”, especially with more and more “Car and Taxi Free Days looming.
As for “Green Taxi ranks“, this cannot be allowed as it is a restriction of trade. Someone who has just bought a TX4 euro 6 has a working life of 15 year. As a licensed Taxi driver, he must be given access to each and every Taxi rank, otherwise he is being discriminated against.
Our representatives must take this up with the Mayor ASAP.
In one breath, Mr Khan said: “Air pollution is permanently affecting children’s lung development and nearly 10,000 Londoners are dying early every year due to the long-term exposure of London’s dirty air.
In another breath the Mayor announced that Oxford Street is to be pedestrianised!!!!
Where does Mayor Khan think this traffic is going to go?
Taxi Leaks recently asked Dame Tanni Grey Thompson to support access to Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road for all wheelchair access vehicles. She refused saying she has no trouble shopping around Westfield in her wheelchair.
So in future, can we expect to see only ex-Para-Olympic athletes shopping in W1 and Fitzrovia?
The outcome of these proposals will see complete chaos and gridlock, causing more congestion, more emissions and with more pollution and most certainly more premature fatalities.
“We need urgent, bold action and this includes targeted local initiatives.” Said the Mayor….Try banning all private vehicles from within the congestion zone….ah but that would put a stop to the money raised from congestion charging!
Better still sack the idiots who come up with these stupid, ill thought out schemes.
Another Consultation For TfL To Disregard?
It follows the launch of public consultation on air quality this month with proposals including a £10 “T-charge” for the most polluting vehicles in central London and the extension of the Ultra Low Emission Zone by 2020.
The five hotspots include Marylebone in Westminster, where plans include an electric vehicle delivery scheme and improving emissions from buildings
A “City fringe” scheme, covering parts of Hackney, Islington and Tower Hamlets, will feature tree planting, a focus on walking and cycling with improved pavements and cycle routes and parking places for clean vehicles.
The Barbican proposal in the City of London includes no-idling zones, green taxi ranks and restricted access to certain streets for all but the cleanest vehicles.
No-idling Zones
This will mean every time you pull up at lights, you will be expected to turn off your ignition.
Two problems here:
 1. When lights turn green you now have to wait for the car in front to start up and move off, then you start your engine…result, traffic build up less vehicles get through on green. Causing even more congestion. Engine shake up from starting up, more emissions of airborne micro carbon particles (PM10, PMx), these are dangerous particles, even more so than NO2/CO2 emission. If you’re looking to save on your next vehicle purchase, consider the opportunity to buy used cars in palos hills il.
 2. In my Taxi, when I turn off the engine, the driver’s compartment locks deactivate, leaving me at risk to the likes of the thriving scumbags operating in the Marylebone, Islington and Holloway areas.
Not one trade org has bought this problem up with manufactures. No one from TfL or the Mayors office has investigated this proposed breach in our security.
Some one tell me again “Just what is it our trade representatives actually do these days?”
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