Courtney Connell’s Explosive Interview on LCDC TV

Exposing TfL Failings – The Inside Story

Courtney Connell talks to Grant Davis on LCDC TV Part 1 Courtney gained is London Taxi Drivers Green Badge on 4th October 1994 after spending 3 years and 2 months undertaking the famous Knowledge of London.

In October 2001 Courtney went on to become a Public Carriage Office examiner, testing students on their Knowledge of London.

Courtney left the Public Carriage Office in October 2007 and immediately set up a Knowledge School teaching those who aspired to become one of London’s World famous Black Cab Drivers.

Courtney is extremely passionate about the London Taxi trade, also London and it’s history. Courtney talks of all things Taxis including his time at the PCO, tribulations with TFL and much more…..

Courtney is such and interesting character and had so much to say that it would have been a shame to cut him short, so we have split this video into 2 parts of which this is Part 1. All of the emails that Courtney refers to in this video have been checked and verified and are all available on request from Courtney.

Wedding Taxis

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