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TfL’s Woeful Inadequacies Partially Responsible For Our Exclusion From Bank Junction…by Sean Paul Day.

This type of accident, should not be recorded as Taxi and Private hire. A document from Camden’s Lawyers’ to the LTDA re: Tottenham Court Road taxi exclusion, has made grave reading. Camden did consider the inclusion of taxis in their redevelopment scheme, but their research data showed taxis as the main cause of serious accidents in the area. When the findings were challenged, Camden produced evidence that they had exhausted all avenues and could not locate data that identified taxis from PH. The same is true of the Corperation of the City of London planners. So, as of now,...

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An Uber driver and a passenger brawled in the middle of Wandsworth Road, while a female attempted to break them up. Its alleged that the passenger lashed out at the driver who retaliates by violently swinging a weapon, during this fight on Friday night. But on closer inspection, you can see the first blow was actually struck by the Uber driver, who has a weapon in his hand. The Uber driver, who appears to be wearing a Transport for London lanyard, told police he was punched by his customer when they arrived just before 11:45pm. A passing taxi driver,...

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If You Have Tears, Prepare To Shed Them Now ………… Semtex.

Not my own words, but the words of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Act 3 Scene 2. Those words could just as well been my own, last night at the Bank Junction. Whether a fan of the legendary Bard or not, you will not need me to outline the act of Betrayal in the story of Julius Caesar. As the betrayed Caesar lay dead with a dagger in his heart, Mark Antony quoted the above, If You Have Tears……………. The UCG’s hit at The Bank on Thursday afternoon, could not possibly have taken place in worse weather. It was freezing cold, with...

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The Truth About TfL’s Responsibility In Regards To Cross Boarder Hiring, From HM Government, No Less.

TfL have always claimed they have no jurisdiction over their licensed vehicles working in other areas….but that’s not true and now we’ve just been told it’s not true by the The Petitions team, UK Government and Parliament. Here are the important paragraphs. Licensing authorities remain responsible for ensuring that the drivers they license remain fit and proper throughout the period of the licence. Any complaints about a driver can be investigated by the authority responsible for issuing the licence, regardless of where the driver was working at the time. If vehicles from neighbouring areas present a problem, licensing authorities can work...

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TfL Licensed Uber Driver, Convicted Of Touting In Cheltenham, Keeps His TfL Licence.

Editorial News Extra: Uber driver arrested in March 2016, convicted of touting on January 2017, carried on working with TfL blessing. A London Uber driver has been found guilty of unlawfully plying for hire in Cheltenham, during the National Hunt Festival. Abdifatah Hagi Abdikadir, from Emanuel Avenue in London, was parked near Cheltenham Spa railway station at around 12.14am on March 17, Cheltenham magistrates heard on Monday, January 9. A group of men approached the defendant’s vehicle and after a short exchange got in and the vehicle and it drove off. Further inquiries by Cheltenham Borough Council revealed that...

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