The UTG Done Deal Credit Card Mandate Omni Shambles Rolls On….by Jim Thomas.

Last Thursday night, CMT’s complete system shut down and driver’s could not sign in, or clear a payment for hours.

In just over four weeks time, under the proposed Unite Taxi group(UTG) done deal regulations, this would mean many thousands of Taxi drivers having to stop work and go home… until the system’s restored back up and running properly.
Currently many CMT machines have a software bug, which appears to stop the PEDs logging on for long periods of time. This could also result in many drivers having an early bath. I personally contacted CMT UK on their Twitter feed one evening when I couldn’t sign in, hoping for a help line phone number and was given an email address -not quite what I was hoping for.
But CMT are not the only equipment with problems.
The iZettle Muria MO10 units are currently printing out receipts containing the drivers full name, home address and telephone number. Many drivers are giving these receipts to customers, completely unaware their personal details are emblazoned on them.
To be fair, this whole issue has been a complete shambles from the start. Badly planned, badly thought out, with almost no input sort from drivers, or driver’s groups.
The start date for the Card Mandate has been put back by 4 weeks, while the requirement for rear fitting has had to be been postponed till 1st January.
Speaking to a compliance officers over the weekend, they informed me that interdepartmental memos are flying around like confetti. Apparently the right hand doesn’t know what the left is doing (their words not mine).
Driver Safety:
Driver safety issues with the rear fitment of Card readers still haven’t been addressed by LTPH. General Manager Helen Chapman said at the LCDC AGM, ‘we have no data to show this may be a problem’.
As yet, the main body of trade drivers….the 80% not on social media, haven’t received a word of notification from TfLTPH so far.
What’s your experience of problems concerning these new rear PEDs?
Use the comments section below to air your fears about issues relating to the CC equipment.
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