Update on City Hall, MQT 21st May 2015 : Caroline Pidgeon Tells Boris to Grow Some.

Just a quick update on City Hall…

Well it was certainly ‘eventful’… shall we say!

There were less cabbies there than any of the last three, which was disappointing, but still enough to fill the big auditorium, bar only a handful of empty seats.

Once again the trade sat there in silence listening to Boris bluster his way through all the other stuff. Then it was GLA member Val Shawcross’ turn to grill him. And she didn’t let us down!

She told Boris in no uncertain terms that the Taxi trade was almost dead thanks to his and TfL’s incompetence. By not taking control of Ubend he has let them obliterate our industry!


Val’s interrogation was closely followed by Caroline  Pidgeon, who bought up the fact that drivers without insurance were coming to London from as far away as Manchester to work unlicensed for Uber.
She also told Boris he didn’t have the guts to stand up to Uber.
Both these videos are a must watch….

All Boris could reply was that it was a “Free Market”.

Is it a Free Market?

What’s ‘Free’ about having the tools you can use and the price you must pay for them dictated to you?

What’s free about having no say in the price you can charge your customers?

What about the dozens of regulations we have to abide by that the scabs don’t?

And oh yeah let’s not even acknowledge the Knowledge which we all had to do…that the scabs don’t!

And the list goes on…

Don’t give us this ‘Free Market’ cobblers you Cretin when it’s anything but!

Well, as you can imagine, this certainly got the crowd going, with people starting to heckle & catcall Boris.


Boris Johnson’s attitude was one of… ‘There’s nothing I can be arsed to do, that’s the way it is, you lot are history…Tough!’

“Its a free market, live with it”

And that was when most of the trade got up and marched out!

I know the guy who led the mass exodus (no names mentioned) feels a bit bad for letting the trade down, but don’t be mate, it had to happen. Boris needs to know the anger in this trade, because he certainly isn’t getting this info from his so called ‘Advisor’!

Three times now we have sat there on our best behaviour, letting the GLA get on with their work. Well done all.

Now I’m not one to suffer fools gladly and this Buffoon has virtually kicked the door shut in the taxi trade’s face.

Gloves off if you ask me!

Those of you who manage to get to see the footage on the Parliamentry Channel, (Re-run I might add because the live footage suddenly switched to Scottish Parliament just as they announced Taxis….SPOOKY!) will hear me shouting at Boris about the Windsor House demo next tuesday.

“See You Next Tuesday” Boris… Oh the irony!

I told him it was going to be the biggest Taxi demo he’s ever seen. Don’t let me down folks. This is OUR job, our trade, our livelihoods. We can’t just let this bunch of muppets take it away from us. We are gaining real momentum and we must keep the pressure on them. And the best way to do that is numbers.

This needs 000s of us. It should be ALL of us, but we all know there are some who will never do anything for anyone. They will probably be the first to scream “Why didn’t somebody do something”? Please don’t be one of them. And if you have been, please change, this is critical now, its no longer a joke, its here, its in our faces, and it is real!

Spread the word…

Drive-in/On Foot Demonstration…Tuesday 26th May…Windsor House, Victoria St.

Those of you who are in a taxi trade org…Phone them now and ask them if they are supporting the demo?

LTDA    020 7286 1046

LCDC   020 7232 0676

Unite     07903 525520

The RMT voted against supporting it by a majority 14/13, and obviously the UCG have called it.

Any trade org who does not support this is simply undermining the efforts of those that are, and is the reason why we go round and round in circles.

And this is exactly the reason why TfL are allowed to get away with it. Boris always trots out the line… “We consult with the taxi unions, they don’t support this, its only a small group of militants”.

And round & round we go, getting screwed into the ground!

So call up your trade org now, ask them if they are supporting it? Demand to know why not if they say no.

Then decide if they are worth the money you pay them?

Don’t let them mug you off!

Anyway, thanks again for your time, and likewise the LTDF.

Keep punching…See you Tuesday…Dizzy.

Wedding Taxis

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