Uber Sydney Raided By NSW Government

The New South Wales Government and the subsequent state transport office is no fan of Uber, probably because Uber is running a rule-skirting ride-sharing service right on the government’s doorstep. In a bid to crack down on the service, the State Government has reportedly executed a raid on the offices of Uber Sydney in connection with the Uber X service.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that a search warrant was executed in April, which includes the company’s Sydney offices.

At the time, Uber was testing the Uber X service — known then as Uber Low Cost — around Sydney. The service sees ordinary drivers take on fares through the Uber app as if they were taxis, which has since enraged cab services and hire car drivers alike.

Despite the fact that Transport for NSW made its stance opposing so-called ride-sharing services at the end of April, Uber Sydney took the liberty of giving the department the proverbial finger and launching the service wide to the public on the same day.

Transport for NSW is light on the details of the raid, adding only that 10 court attendance notices have been issued to Uber X drivers operating in Sydney. Getting caught and found guilty carries a minimum penalty of $110,000. [SMH]

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