Uber London & Rampant Fraud

I have been driving on the Uber Lux platform since 2012.
Yesterday Uber called me into their office in Kings Cross via a text message saying please come into our office tomorrow between 12 & 5pm. No indication as to why.
After finding a parking space then searching for a meter that accepts cash i walked over to Caledonian Road.
On arrival I waited 20 minutes in a line to be told to join another queue in another room for 30 minutes to be told to wait outside on the bright red sofa (or the naughty step) 45 mins later someone came out asked why I was waiting so i had to re explain that I had been called in.

I was then led into a room by two people who basically gave me a disciplinary hearing or interview without any warning.
They questioned why I had a high amount of fraud riders in the last 4 weeks. I had no idea and have no way of knowing this. Just as I have no way of knowing who or where the next rider that I would be sent to by the Uber app is. On arriving at a pickup address provided by the u er app I have no idea if they are genuine account holders or criminal Fraudsters. It is my opinion that it is Ubers responsibility to vet their riders prior to exposing drivers to possibly dangerous people and leaving the driver to have to deal with any situation on their own. If you want lawyer for help with legal claims, you can get them from here!
Ubers guidelines state to makes excuses to end the job if suspected of being used by fraudsters. Has anyone there tried this? I do, often and the atmosphere gets tense cold and could lead to danger for the driver. Back in Caledonian road they are protected from that side of the operation and happily stare at screens all day in a safe environment

I mentioned that the majority of fraudsters are of a particular race. I can see this did not go down well with these two interviewers but I stand by what I said. The only way I can think of reducing fraud trips is to drive off when I see people of a certain race, colour and or age.
I know of other drivers that do this out fear of being deactivated by uber or being down rated.
This is something I refuse to do for reasons that in my opinion do not require explaining.

It is clear to me that they will use this to end my partnership with Uber.
I would rather this than being associated with a taxi trade renown for being racists and biggots that refuse to pick up ‘foreigners’ some people still have morrals.
Apparently ‘they’ will have a meeting to decide my fate. I was not invited just as I was not warned about being interrogated. Your supposed to give me and idea of an interview and offer me the option of bringing a witness or legal advisor.
But that would be doing the right thing right?

Source: A Night Drivers Blog

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