Uber driver threatens to cut woman’s neck in rage-filled voicemail message

Anna Kealey, who received a threatening message from an Uber driver

A rage-filled Uber driver threatened to cut a London university lecturer’s neck in a chilling voicemail message that emerged today.

Anna Kealey, 28, said she “could not believe” the violence of the driver’s outburst after discovering the “menacing” recording on her phone this afternoon.

The lecturer had used the taxi app to order a cab to her home in Hackney, but cancelled before the car arrived.

The incensed minicab driver called her up and ranted for nearly a minute, becoming increasingly irate as he told her “don’t do that again” and called her an “idiot” and “stupid”.

But the darkest moment came when he warned her: “Don’t do it again, otherwise I will cut your neck.”

She told the Standard: “I felt sick to my stomach when I heard it, I almost fell over.

“It starts off quite vile, but by the end it gets so violent, I just couldn’t believe the language he was using.

“There are parts where I didn’t even understand what he was saying, which is probably a good thing, but the cut your throat threat was very clear.

“I felt disgusted. It’s so menacing at the end.”

Anna KealeyMs Kealey, a lecturer in design history at the University of the Arts London, only found the message on her phone after catching up with her voicemails today.

It was left after she used the taxi app about 10 days ago, when she was going to meet friends for brunch.

“He sounded unstable,” she added.

“The idea that he’s out on London’s stressful roads with that sort of anger makes it all the more nerveracking.

“My first thought was, ‘Who has he picked up and has anything happened?'”

Uber said it immediately suspended the driver and would work with Ms Kealey and police.

Ms Kealey said she would not completely “swear off” using the app again, but added: “It’s made me concerned about travelling in general as a young woman, whether with Uber or anyone else. You just can’t let your guard down.”

An Uber spokesman said: “We have spoken to the rider to ensure they are okay and encouraged them to report this the police.

“The driver has been immediately suspended, as is our policy, and we are investigating fully.”

He added that there is no charge if a trip is cancelled within five minutes, after which there is a £5 fee which goes to the driver.

She said she sometimes gets panic attacks and decided to cancel after just a few minutes, as she was feeling claustrophobic and preferred to walk.

Source: The Evening Standard
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