Uber driver sacked for asking London passenger to perform oral sex

The incident happened earlier this year (Picture: REUTERS/Sergio Perez)

An Uber driver has been accused of asking a female passenger if she wanted to perform oral sex on him.

The driver allegedly asked if she liked the sex act and that he wanted to perform ‘sucky sucky’ on her.

The incident happened in London in March and the victim has now released copies of the email exchange in which she was offered £20 on her account.

She wrote: ‘Towards the end of the journey he was asking if I liked blow jobs, saying that he was very good at going down on girls or giving “sucky sucky” to girls and did I want him to do it to me.

‘He even suggested that he could pull over into a side street and do it now if I wanted, which was I think the scariest part of the drive.’

An Uber representative responded by returning her fare, adding £20 credit to her account and admitting that they were ‘already investigating this with [the driver] and I can assure you that the necessary actions will be taken to avoid a similar incident in future.’

Another response said: ‘Sorry again for such an un-Uber experience.’

The passenger said her driver had initially suggested she sit in the front seat because she felt car sick, before questioning her about her relationship status and using inappropriate language.

Uber has been contacted for comment but the minicab firm told Newsweek that the ‘driver in question is no longer on the Uber platform’.

The company added: ‘Fortunately incidences of this nature are so rare that an official policy is not needed. Any incident is handled on a case-by-case basis and taken very seriously.

‘We do of course often refund a trip after a negative experience of any sort, as our customers expect only the highest standard of service from Uber.’

This comes following reports that an Uber driver allegedly raped a woman in Delhi, and the transport app being prohibited in Spain, the Netherlands and Thailand.


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