Uber Driver Quotes Notting Hill in Creepy Love Note to Female Student


In a desperate attempt to reach out and touch somebody, an Uber driver allegedly wrote a love note to a female student who he drove. It included something Julia Roberts said in Notting Hillbecause romance.

The letter was overstuffed with some really weird observations at the expense of his adorableNotting Hill quote. In fact, this note might be why that romantic comedy feels so phenomenal by contrast. The passenger is apparentely a senior at some college, which is gross enough.

This was his approach: let her know I’d be her knight in shining armor. Different, so different from all those frat boys who are wasted and not interested in her. By the time dude gets to the passenger’s creamy thighs (literally we can’t,) this increasingly weird sonnet takes a turn for the worse. This letter is another reason to walk home with a group, even if there’s a tornado.


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