The Truth, The Whole Truth, And Nothing Like The Truth…. By Jim Thomas

While the LTDA are busy braking arms, slapping themselves on the back, in aid of the next Taxi magazine headline….

Taxi Leaks would like to set the record straight by thanking Danny Henderson who made the original FOI request on 11 Fed 2016 to the Met Police.
Freedom of Information Request Reference
We would also like to thank Angela Clarkson and Heather Rawlings from their time and effort spent, bringing this FOI request to the attention of the national press.
We should also like to thank Danny Sullivan for an earlier FOI request which produced this graph showing that more TfL licensed minicab drivers were involved in sexual assaults and rapes than unlicensed fake drivers.
But… Bob, Steve, Richard…don’t let he truth get in the way of a good story….again.
UBER drivers are accused of rape or sex attacks on customers nearly three times a month in London.
They were suspects in 32 cases reported by female passengers in the capital across 12 months.
The tap-and-ride app, which now operates in 20 UK cities, claims to be the “safest ride on the road”.
(Funny, not a word about the AddVan here!)
Female passengers have made 32 claims of rape or sexual assault against Uber drivers in London over the past 12 months.
The Metropolitan Police Service and West Yorkshire Police released information on reports relating to the minicab app after The Sun requested information from 14 police forces.
West Yorkshire Police received four reports of serious sex assaults and eight violent incidents from February 2015 to February this year.
The Met had recorded 154 allegations including minicabs, private chauffeurs and even rickshaw riders.
(Nothing again about the AddVan!)
 Uber drivers are accused of sexually assaulting or raping customers almost three times a month, according to new figures which have outraged rape campaigners.
Freedom of Information data obtained by The Sun newspaper revealed 32 assault claims were made against employees of the taxi-hailing app in London over the past twelve months, equal to one every eleven days.
(Again, not a word about the AddVan!)
What ever next: 
They might even claim the kudos for sorting out St Pancras and not even mention the week long demonstrations organised by Dads Defending Daughters and attended by drivers from every org. Oops, too late…they already have.
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