Trick Or Treat ? by Semtex.

Well, another Summer almost morphs into Autumn, and despite the incompetent and murky actions of the licensing and enforcement authorities, the London Taxi Trade struggles on. Just !
Uber continue to expand their London Operations, TFL continue to rub their hands together at their “opium trade” PHV Licensing Coup, and Tout Enforcement Teams who work so covertly that they make MI6 Officers look like they are standing in Madame Tussauds, continue to watch thousands of wrong ‘uns escape through the net, night after night.
So what next ?  Well, a call has gone up from our side for a massive trade turn out on 16th September. I know there are many of us who strongly disagree with militant demonstration tactics, and although I personally disagree, respectfully take their point.
I agree, it’s not the most fantastic of battle deployment initiatives, but sadly, it’s all we’ve got.
However, there is one thing happening the day previous to our demo on the 15th September, that I find extremely intriguing.
On that Tuesday in Parliament, between 0930 and 1100hrs, potential future London Mayor and current Conservative MP for Richmond Park and North Kingston, is to debate the “Future Of Black Cabs In London”.
Goldsmith is on record as saying that he supports London Taxis, and naturally, that is good to hear. But so did his pal Johnson say that too, didn’t he ? And strangely enough, if my memory serves me well, that was prior to a Mayoral Election too. Not only him, but so did Ken Livingstone, whose loyalty to our trade made Kim Philby look like an overprotective father !
Way back in the early Summer of this year, our friend and staunch supporter Mark White questioned Goldsmith on his potential policies regarding our trade, and Zac replied “Early days. I want to talk to people in the trade, before making policy.”
Mark pushed him further and quiet rightly explained that surely now (25th June) is as good as time as any?, to which there was no reply.
With this last minute Parliamentary Calendar addition to discuss our well being and possible future by potential Mayor of London Zac Goldsmith then, is this a morning to rejoice and appreciate……………..or a day to be suspiciously cautious ?
I was taught to be cautious and I would confidently bet the last penny in my bank account, that this is just another well planned, insincere, crafty, deceptive ruse, solely aimed at gaining space and more importantly, time, to allow our assassins to get into a comfortable firing position.
I’m not a lover of Zac Goldsmith, and disliked his father even more. I don’t wish to elaborate my reasons due to any libel slur, but feel that trusting this very affluent young man whose personal wealth would make the Beckham’s look like Big Issue sellers, and a contacts diary to equal President Obama’s…………..would prove to be a grave error of judgement.
One of his best mate’s and political sparring partner Boris Johnson, has already totally shafted us and continues to do so.
Not only that, Goldsmith, like Johnson is also an avid supporter of the cyclist in London, believing that every cyclist in London is another vehicle off the road.
Of course, I have absolutely no idea of the contents of Mr Goldsmith’s presentation exhibit on Tuesday 15th, but again, I would bet my life, that the spiel would interpret that the famous London Black Taxi, is not only synonymous with London, but is vitally  important to London’s image and anything other than 100% loyalty to them, would be worse than treason.
Except of course, and as we all know……….that is utter bollox !
The two former Mayor have both done it to us, gaining our trust and confidence, until comfortably seated in the throne of City Hall. Then, once settled, have recoiled cobra like, in a programme of vicious insincerity, that would put Burke & Hare to shame.
This time is different though. We simply cannot afford to be tricked and coerced into another portion of Operation Mincemeat from these shysters again. We haven’t got the resources, we haven’t got the firepower and we haven’t got the strength.
Uber have gained enormous foothold in London over the last 12 months. Its not a case of us failing to keep up with technology. Its not a case of Uber having a fantastic business plan. Its not a case of Uber offering a better service than us. It is merely a slanderous case of rule bending, authorities turning the other way, murky goings on, strange alterations to policy and unexplained answers to allegations of policy breach, from a company with enormous financial clout and persuasion.
At this stage, I have no hard evidence of corruption within the walls of TFL or City Hall, and can therefore cast no accusations.
But put it this way…………if Sepp Blatter put his hat into the ring for the London Mayor Candidate Election tonight, I feel we could do a lot worse than give him a shot !
Maybe iv’e got used to the criteria now, but old Sepp looks ideal for the job from where I’m sitting.
We can only wait and see what Goldsmith has to say next week, but my guess is he has been sent in to tranquilise us, to keep us quiet and to take the flame out of the fire from the wrath of our trade the next day!
Its up to us whether we stand for it or not, or indeed whether our Trade Org heads think we should politely listen, act professional and listen in decent and democratic mutual understanding.
Personally, I have always thought that the only person to go into Parliament with good intent………was Guy Fawkes !
Also on a personal note, and I speak as a trade scribe and not in any official capacity, I have always believed that our taxi cabs and ability to cause embarrassing and massive legal disruption to the authorities, is our only viable alternative.
Whatever happens, I don’t want Zac Goldsmith to go back to his office echoing the victorious message sent to Churchill from War Office Command, in which was probably the best wartime example of strategic tactical deception ever.
It read simply “Mincemeat swallowed whole”.
The clock is ticking folks. We just can’t afford to make any more mistakes at this stage, or we are dead in the water.
Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock…………………………………
Be lucky all.
8829 Semtex.
Wedding Taxis

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