Tomorrow’s Demo At Palestra : A Quick Reminder From Dizzy.

Hi all, just a quick reminder that the Palestra Demo is tomorrow at 2pm.

Come and show your displeasure at the way LTPH have virtually destroyed this trade.

Be there and tell everyone you know too.

For the first time ever this demo will be supported by All the taxi trade orgs.

It’s gonna be big. It must be big. It needs to be big!

It needs every single one of us to attend and get this destruction of our trade STOPPED!

Also please be aware that most of the TfL/LTPH senior managers have moved to 230 Blackfriars Rd, which is a few hundred yards up on the same side. Don’t forget to let them know you’re there!

The posters and banners are made, the drums & horns are ready…Lets give it to them!

See you there…



Source: TaxiLeaks

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