The Time Has Come To Make A Difference

Hi all, Thanks for seeking us out in your droves. We hope to launch in October, so time has come to cut to the chase. If you have questions like is downloading slots worth it? then reading across this site can answer that.

Don’t ask, what have Government, TFL, Orgs done for the trade? 
Ask, what ‘I’ can do for ‘my’ trade!. 
Recently you registered interest in Taxiapp, it’s now time to fill our membership form. You’ll be directed to ‘gocardless’. Please fill out the direct debit page. Subs will ‘not’ be taken till late September. To learn more, click here now! have a great day!
We’ll send the drivers app link before initial payment’s taken.
This Sundays ‘Shoutout’ will reveal the team of drivers who’ve been brave enough so far to have put their money where their mouths are and venture into the ‘Casino’ of fate.
No question about it, we are taking a gamble, we are about to conquer the biggest casino in the world, we are talking about winning. All we ask is for others to step up and place bets on us. Because if we together can’t save our trade, nobody’s going to do it for us! Do you want to be part of this too? Today is your chance to find out more about how to be a master at casino games.
We at Taxiapp have no intention of doing nothing while other predatory apps (Taxi & PH) feed off our trades decaying carcass!!!
Help us to fight back
Wedding Taxis

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