TfL’s Licensing Regulator, Not Fit For Purpose : An Absolute Disgrace To Public Safety

This is how frighteningly easy it is to become a tout, using a TfL license vehicle.

For the princely sum of £100, in a borrowed car, with no hire and reward insurance and no private hire drivers license, LBC’s Theo Ushereood was able to get the car licensed by TfL as a private hire vehicle, drive into the City and openly ply for hire.

How has this man, Director of Serice Operations (surface transport) Peter Blake, still got a job. 
Listening to him being taken apart, on this mornings Nick Ferrari show on LBC shows how incompetent LTPH is. This one interview shows that this licensing authority isn’t fit for purpose and needs to be completely overhauled.
Listen to the Blake interview here
This comes just hours after TfL’s scandalous announcement on their @TfLTPH Twitter account, that members of the public can approach a waiting PHV driver, ask if he is for hire, and after being told “Yes”, can then use their smartphone app to then immediately hire that car.
And the TfL authorised operator Shen said -in her opinion- quite legal
Well Shen, actually it’s not. We have many years of case law that state it’s not.
I would therefore like to draw TfL’s attention to 3 cases
1) White v McKay………1946
2) Rose v Welbeck…….1962
3) Vincent v Newman..1962
You can read all about these cases and the judgements:
This really isn’t good enough from our licensing authority. They should issue an immediate apology and remove the tweet from their time line on Twitter.
Alan Flemings piece complied some years ago, still remains the best quick glance resource on “Illegal Plying”:
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