TfL’s CabWise Biased App Still Not Updated, Still Not Fixed … By Jim Thomas

Just over two years ago, Taxi Leaks received complaints from members of the public that the TfL CabWise phone app was impossible to use on the iPad or iPad mini.
We had also received emails from concerned drivers about the way the app was bias in favour of booking a private hire vehicle.
Surely not we thought, TfL would never put something out that would not be part of a level playing field….would they?
Below is our investigation which showed worrying aspects of the TfL app.
Since December 2012, Taxi Leaks has made numerous complaints about the way the App works.
Unfortunately, we have not had one reply and the app has never been updated or fixed in any way.
Taxi Leaks believes this app should be removed and replace with one that would be fair to both Taxis and Private Hire drivers alike.



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