TfL Say They Can’t Cap PH…Is This An Outright Lie ?

LTPH are currently putting out tweets saying that they do not have power to restrict PH driver numbers.

So, what power did Director of LTPH John Mason have to restrict Yellow Badge Suburban Driver numbers back in 2011?

Was this restriction unlawful?

Surely TFL have set a precedent with PCO NOTICE 13/11 which suspended applications for YB Taxi Licenses. (see the text of that Notice below)

You don’t need to be that bright to understand that if they have done this before they could do it now. 

You certainly dont need to wait for a lawyer to tell you what is obvious.

The fact is TFL have CHOSEN not to suspend applications because they are CORRUPT.

TfL are a government agency that have a duty to be impartial, transparent and fair. At present they are none of these requirements. They have bent over backwards to support a commercial company, have relaxed rules and even lied when questioned but GLA committee.

I am amazed and disappointed that no one in the taxi trade has the ability to work this out or the balls to get on and do something.

Even if immediate action is taken, because of the trade’s representative orgs and Unions lack of foresight and action, it is questionable if there is anything left to save.

TfL recently tweeted a Taxi driver:
@TfLTPH @xxxxxxxxx No cap on YB, but they were suspended in 3 areas pending suburban review >Click Here For 13/11< – 

that is being reviewed now. 

Is a suspension not a cap?

If not, then why can’t new PH applications be suspended ?

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