TfL Change The Legislation To Make It Easier For Uber To Expand : London Taxi & Private Hire Notice 17 / 14

It has been rumoured for some time that UberX have been experiencing a Vehicle/Driver shortage owing to the fact that PHVs seeking a first time London licence have to be less than 5 years old.
To facilitate the American Company which runs its business though a Dutch subsidiary, TfL have graciously agreed to amended the restrictions on the first time licensing of UberX Prius’s, exempting them from the five year rule.

London Taxi & Private Hire Notice 17 / 14

Newly Licensed PHVs – Hybrid Vehicles
In order to reduce harmful emissions and tackle poor quality in London, new emissions requirements were introduced in 2012 for private hire vehicles (PHVs).

These were introduced as part of the Mayor’s Air Quality Strategy and included a requirement that all newly licensed PHVs must be under five years old.

The requirements for newly licensed PHVs is now being updated and with effect from 1 January 2015, full electric and petrol hybrid vehicles which emit less than 110g/km CO2, as defined by the manufacturer, will be exempt from the five year rule. This is recognised that these particular
vehicle types have lower emissions of NOX, PM10 and CO2 than conventionally powered vehicles.

The minimum Euro 4 emissions standard and maximum ten year age limit still apply.

An eligible vehicle must be:
l Full electric or;
l Petrol parallel hybrid or;
l Petrol full series hybrid
In addition to the above, an eligible vehicle must fall within the full type ‘hybrid / electric’ and display CO2 emissions of less than 110g/km on the V5C registration document.
NSL Ltd, TfL’s licensing contractor, will use the V5C to verify the above requirements are met prior to licensing vehicles.

Helen Chapman
General Manager
London Taxi & Private Hire
Notice 17 / 14
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