Ten “flimping” Leicester minicab drivers could be prosecuted by the city council

Council officers are considering prosecuting ten minicab drivers caught flimping in Leicester.

Flimping is the term given to the illegal practice of private hire drivers picking up fares on the street that have not been pre-booked.

Only licenced hackney cab drivers are allowed to pick passengers up from the side of the road.

Leicester City Council carries out under cover test purchase operations to catch flimpers.

A report by licensing official said: “Two recent enforcement operations have detected contraventions by ten drivers.

“Files are now being processed with a view to prosecutions.”

Flimpers could potentially lose their licences.

The report says: “Understandably hackney carriage drivers become very concerned if they believe a private hire vehicle is plying for hire as in effect the vehicle could take their business.

“Particularly in situations where private hire offices are located close to hackney carriage ranks considerable antagonism between private hire and hackney carriage drivers can arise as both are anxious to maximise their trades.”

The council carries out at least four flimping enforcement exercises each year.

Read more: http://www.leicestermercury.co.uk/

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