The Taxi Trade Haven’t Been Paranoid…TfL Really Are Helping Uber Circumnavigate Legislation.

News broke last night, of two emails which have been exposed, showing conversations between TfL’s Leon Daniels and the Head of Uber UK, Jo Bertram.

First, at the GLA Transport committee we had the lie from Leon Daniels ‘They have switch on, switch off insurance’.
Followed by another lie ‘Yes they do have a landline’.
Now we have new terminology, ‘Long Term Pre Booking’ and ‘Short Term Pre Booking’, to cover up the fact that contra to the regulations of Private Hire licensing, Uber don’t do ‘Pre Bookings’.
If you want an Uber car, you have to use the app when your ready to go.
The document, unearthed by the LCDC, seems to help Uber cover up its lack of pre-booking options.
Read the emails for yourself below:
Source TaxiPoint.
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