Statement from the Independent Taxi Alliance….Demarcation, not deregulation.

After the Mayor heralded a new era for London Taxis, the Independent Taxi Alliance, (ITA) have heralded a new era in trade demonstrations.
The ITA will be inviting all drivers, no matter what colour lanyard, to attend the Mayors Question Time at city hall this Wednesday at 10 am. They will also be holding a demonstration on Monday 3rd October during the rush hours of 4pm till 7pm at a destination to be announced at a later date.
Further action could see night time demos on consecutive nights (Thursday, Friday, Satureday) which could paralyse parts of central Londons night life.

The ITA have published this list of accusations below, which they say make TfL NOT FIT FOR PURPOSR.
• Endangering Londoners with watered down DBS on minicab drivers.
• Refusal to inform Londoners of u acceptable rate of minicab rapes and sexual assaults.
• Refusal to release statistics defining the astonishing  amount of minicab RTAs
• Licensed minicab drivers without passing basic DVLA test
• Threatening licence revocation for taxi drivers refusing to comply with dangerous payment mandate
• Catching taxi earnings up to 5% on card transactions
• Condoning uninsured minicabs and inventing fictitious on off insurance
• Fabricating evidence of Uber landline in a failed bid to hoodwink the GLA
• Guilty of tutoring number on how to evade regulation
• Unmonitored ‘out of office’ liaison’s and unlimited meetings with Uber
• Harassing taxi drivers am favouring minicab illegalities.
Taxi leaks COMMENT :
In light of the Mayors so called ‘New Era For London Taxis’, uber put out this statement to all their drivers and customers, to encourage them to complain by email to Mayor Khan.
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