Spartacus Gives His View On ‘That’ Verdict.

What’s for sure, this verdict has exposed Uber and TfL for what we already knew they were.

The GMB took this action supported by other unions as it affects so many workers in the slave economy.
This judgement calls into question almost every decision TfL made in regards to Uber. It makes the ‘Dear Jo’ leaked emails an essential part of the inevitable parliamentary enquiry.

As we knew, this was not about technology, we heard all about that years before….this is about exploitation, predatory pricing, lobbying and more.

Defining plying for hire is the next vital safeguard!
We also need the ‘pre booking’ interval looked at and that exhibition of immediate availability of the screens dealt with as well.

I spent an enjoyable evening last night, asking Uber punters as they were getting in, or at the lights ‘no doubt you’re  glad the driver’s now getting sick and holiday pay, of course fares will rise but what’s not to like?’

Should have seen the looks I got, give it a go, it does wonder for the soul.

They now know as riders, the exploitative nature of the whole thing. If Uber appeals, that’s another PR own goal.

Personally, I think they will either cut and run or their backers will pull out.

TfL and Uber are on the run, so let’s get after them!

I’m Spartacus…
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