The Sharks are circling!….by I’m Spartacus.

I recall to this day the last words the chief examiner said to us all as we got our shiny new badges at Penton street all those years ago.

‘Many people get a very good living out of the cab trade’ our faces lit up after years of slog on the KOL, he continued after a pause, ‘none of them are cab drivers’.

His words are as true today as ever, we now have the Credit Card fiasco, another good idea totally ballsed up by TfL and the trade incompetents who have agreed to having fixed terminals for no good reason as millions of traders from car booters to Michelin starred restaurants seem to get by with mobile terminals.

The bogus argument about security is probably more about who advertises in what trade paper, after all we could pass forged notes all day long, we don’t because we are mostly honest and/or we don’t fancy a spell in the scrubs!

We also have TfL not mandating a maximum percentage charged to the driver staying that it’s a commercial matter between us and the provider, all this noted through without a murmur from the TfL board and we all know the membership there.

So many are still paying 10% plus monthly rental for a unit that’s well past it, my local shop pays 1.5%!!!!!

So again we have trade orgs agreeing to things without consultation and effectively creating an ‘uncommercial’ market to the disbenefit of the people who pay their wages, luxury company vehicles etc.

I wonder what percentage the suppliers of these fixed units pay on their own transactions?

If it’s more than 3% I would be amazed.

Wake up folks!

I’m Spartacus

Consultation response from the UK Card Association 
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