Saudi MoT, To Make Taxi App Mandatorily

In a new development, the Ministry of Transport has made it mandatory for taxi firms to install communication and tracking systems in their vehicles in order to reduce and eventually put an end to cabs roaming the streets, saying that the new system will increase taxi drivers’ efficiency by 20 percent.

Taxi operators have to rely on modern technology as a solution to adopt the new system. Mahmoud Fouz, CEO of Easy Taxi Middle East said, using the Easy Taxi app ensures that a customer avails of the services in a timely manner, eliminating the roaming time of taxis on the roads.

According to him, Easy Taxi, the global taxi e-hailing service, increases efficiency of taxi drivers by 20 percent by reducing taxi roaming time in the streets when customers order taxis using the application.

He said this will ensure better working conditions for their drivers as they will not incur losses or get caught in heavy traffic while searching for customers.

“Easy Taxi prides itself on connecting passengers and drivers in a convenient, easy and safe manner. The user experience is paramount for us,” he said, adding that the app allows customers to order a taxi to their location and track its progress, eliminating the long waiting time which currently accompanies the search for a taxi.

He continued: “This in turn helps drivers find fares more efficiently, cutting their need to hunt down a potential customer. There will also be fewer taxis on the roads which will lead to fewer traffic problems.”

The law gives drivers 45 days to install the systems, after which taxi cabs will only be available on-call. “If all taxis and companies followed suit and enforced tracking systems, we would cater to the demand in a very efficient manner and 20 percent fewer taxis would be needed to fulfill this demand,” Fouz added.

The app, which is freely downloadable, tracks a customer’s location. The customer just taps “Call Taxi” and there will be a vehicle available on his doorstep.
It is quite safe as all taxi drivers are registered with the system and the passenger can see the driver’s name and picture on his phone before he takes the taxi.
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