Press Release By The United Cabbies Group : Todays Taxi Drivers Protest at City Hall London.

Today, london’s taxidrivers will stage a protest both on foot and by driving around City Hall during Mayor’s question time.

We Will Be There to Draw Attention to:

On the 16th December 2014 The London Assembly published it’s findings into the “woefully inadequate” performance of TfL as the licensing and governing body for both London’s Taxis and Private Hire services.

This report has been described as “brutal” and it calls Transport for London “not fit for purpose“, “woefully inadequate” and calls for it to “get a grips with the basics“.

London’s Taxi Drivers have been long dissastified with the performance of TfL as it’s governing body, complaining continually that TfL is not fit for purpose and claiming it has washed it’s hands of the problem of uncontrolled touting. This report has been described by drivers as “long overdue

Todays protestors will be making themselves heard and noticed, in an attempt not to allow this report to be swept under the carpet.

The recommendations in this report are vital to the future survival of the worlds best Taxi service.

Full Report Here

Below is the fantastic interview of the chair of the GLA Transport committee, Caroline Pidgeon by Radio Taxi Group Boss, Geoffrey Riesel. It really is a must watch.


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