Press Release From The UCG Concerning Tomorrow’s Protest.

This is the Press release that has gone to all the news agencies and press contacts we have….

The long overdue review of the performance of TfL 

Described by the GLA as Woefully Inadequate… Peter Hendy is called to City Hall tomorrow at 10am to explain TfLs Abysmal performance regulating the Taxi and Private Hire Industries.

We (UCG) are asking every able bodied driver to attend tomorrow 10am City Hall to show support for the GLA report into TfL and their performance.

This is our best chance at getting TfL to perform as an effective operator….

The GLA published a report on 16th of December 2014 accusing TfL of being “woefully inadequate” and “need(ing) to get a grip of the Basics”
The report is damning and is fully supported by the whole trade. This is one report we can wholeheartedly agree with. There are 19 Specific recommendations. The United Cabbies Group Urge the GLA to ensure these recommendations are fully complied with. The future of Londons Taxi Trade depends on TfL implementing the recommended changes.

This report also has the full support of the LPHCA (Licensed Private Hire Car Association) The Private Hire operators representative body.

Here is a link to the GLA report “Future Proof”

Future Proof

Here is a link to our internal Taxi trade communication

United Cabbies News Feb 2015 < Click Here

I shall be available before the meeting should you wish to contact me.
Len Martin
United Cabbies Group
0207 100 5206

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