The Penny Drops … by I’m Spartacus

Another busy week or so in cab trade politics.

First the ground breaking meeting where most of the Trade Orgs met at Taxi House, let’s not have a public autopsy as to why some did not attend, all they need to do is to commit to attending the next one.

We then had the Mayor’s question time where it was obvious to all the contempt and indifference that Johnson has for us.

Then as if to kick us when they think we are down we had Sir Peter ‘Lunchalot’ Hendy who is obviously on the defensive following the damning GLA report decided to have a dig in the Standard.

What’s clear that that article destroys any chance of TfL taking on the prosecution on Über as Hendy states ‘it ain’t a meter’, he then goes on to say TfL is just the regulator and non concerned with the welfare of the cab trade but the customer (that assumes that we are not despite paying fat licensing fees).


Less than an handful of compliance officer on duty, woeful level of prosecutions, hundreds of outstanding ranks requests etc. etc.

So is it all doom and gloom?

Well the meeting at Taxi House brings some sunlight, the city hall gathering some more and perhaps even more when Hendy turns up at City Hall to be held to account next month.

Don’t disrupt the meeting as he will just walk out and not answer vital questions, let’s lobby the GLA before and after if we can.

So the penny has dropped with most of us, we are on our own, we are more effective if we coordinate action, it ain’t a dating agency and we don’t have to go on holiday together.

Let’s give Hendy’s article and the Mayor’s contempt the following answer:

Wedding Taxis

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