Northampton council to find out if number of black cabs in town need to be capped

A freeze on the number of black cabs allowed to operate in Northampton could be imposed by the council if a survey shows there are enough, or too many, taxis in the town.

The borough council will decide next week whether to employ a consultant company to carry out an ‘unmet demand survey’ to ‘determine if capping the number of licensed hackney vehicles for Northampton would be reasonable’.

This comes after the ‘Hackney trade association’ requested for the local authority to place a restriction on the number of hackney vehicle licences that are issued.

If the idea of a survey is approved – as has been recommended – the council will then spend the next month contacting independent survey companies.

In January or February, the survey will then take place, before a report is given to the council in March or April 2017, which will then by presented to the licensing committee – with recommendations – in March or April 2017.

Source: Northern Herald & Post

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