Night Tube Cannot Be Rushed Through To Suit Mayor Say RMT

Night Tube LU wants to start running it’s Friday and Saturday night-tube service from Sept 2015.
With a completely new station staffing model demanding new grades and rosters to be introduced in early 2016 we are faced with months of upheaval.
Any sane employer would delay Night Tube until 2016 but no one in LU management will stand up to Boris.
Night Tube presents real problems and RMT is fighting to ensure members best interests are catered for.
Your RMT reps are questioning LU on every aspect of Night Tube from both industrial and health & safety perspectives. RMT is not opposed to extending running hours in principle but this isn’t something that can be rushed through just so the Mayor can show off.
RMT says Night Tube is being used as a diversion from massive cuts plan
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Help us fight to get a Taxi rank outside ever NightTube and CrossRail station exit.
What Night Tube Means for Taxi trade.
* More of our weekend night work will disappear.
* Destinations along the network will have there ticket offices turned into minicab satellite booking centres.
* Ranks at stations could be moved 250 meters away from station exits with cars given waiting areas directly outside station exits.
Westminster’s City Council’s survey showed that the public will use the first form of transport they come across.
Let’s make sure the first thing they see when leaving a station is a yellow “For Hire” sign.
Wedding Taxis

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