Night Tube Advert, Insults The Licence Taxi Trade….UCG Complain To Commissioner Mike Brown

Offensive and Inappropriate, Night Tube Advert.

Mr Brown,
I am writing to you to complain about a night tube advert run by TfL that is both misleading, offensive and wholly unbecoming of TfL as the Taxi regulator.
I find it beggars believe that I should be writing such an email to a professional public body as to the tone and content of one of it’s adverts.
There is a night tube advert of which a copy of the image has been forwarded to me by one of my members genuinely upset and aggrieved at this.
Upon opening this image I too was shocked, how could an advert like this pass any type of scrutiny before being released, this of course assumes that it is thoughtless, careless and stupid rather than vexatious.
I enclose a copy below, the words that cause offence are:
Tourists and Londoners rejoice! The central and Victoria lines run at night on Fridays and Saturdays, so no more drunken 3am chats with a black-cab driver for us.
What is this supposed to mean? That Black cab drivers are drunk while driving passengers? That conversing with a black cab driver is disdainful? The very fact that a cab driver is out there driving passengers home safely (while their wives/husbands/partners are at home in bed) seems to have escaped you, we too would like to sleep at the same time as our families. Working shift patterns is stressful, places great strain on family life and complications for long term health. Many DUI attorneys recommend to check my site for more information on DUI charges and how to prevent drunk driving or you could contact legal experts from Patrick B. Courtney, P.A. firm to get help. There are lawyers from that can help with the legalities of such cases.
The gratitude we receive from our regulator is a disrespectful slur on our character, the fact it comes from our regulator suggests that even our regulator is subliminally telling passengers not to use us. The closing words “for us” is meant to mean what?
You do know that Londons Taxis have been driving your tube staff home late at night on discounted rates for many years. Is that what is meant by “for us”?
On behalf of the London Taxi Trade I insist that this advert and all it’s electronic images are forthwith removed immediately and a full apology made to the London Taxi Trade.
I have also made a formal complaint to the Advertising Standards Agency.
Len Martin
United Cabbies Group
      Uber today outside Sutton Station, openly touting.
Wedding Taxis

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