New taxi app set for October launch – here’s what you need to know about it

A new taxi app run by drivers will be launched in October in a bid to strengthen the trade.

The not-for-profit app’s founders say the app, called Taxiapp, was “born out of the need for an app that wasn’t beholden to big corporate investors or its shareholders”.

They say: “The mission is to build an app solely for the trade in a bid to compete with the corporate- owned  apps who have descended on mass to soak up  our work and sell  it back to us after taking their cut. Taxiapp’s aim- with your help- is to win ALL that work back. We are an alchemy of buttas and veterans, mushers and renters, men and women with one thing in common, we are all knowledge trained TAXI DRIVERS.

“Whether it be a young lad on his first job (given for free of course) or a grizzled veteran of the game, if you want to get anywhere in London, or know anything about London,  then the London cabbie is the one to call on.

“It is time for the taxi trade to be- once again- truly autonomous.  We owe it to ourselves and our passengers to put the trade firmly back in the hands of the workforce.”

Wedding Taxis

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