New Style Licences, New IDs And New Holders. PHV Numbers Reach All Time High…by Jim Thomas

Drivers are now starting to receive the new style Licences and IDs. 

Included in the pack are new style ID pouches with an indent, to make removal easier. The IDs have a slight pigment on the reverse, but once inside the pouch, the new pigment is almost unnoticeable.

the new drivers licence has a broken foil strip down the right hand side which unlike the one found embedded on bank notes looks like it has been printed on. The licence now carries the bar code which should match the ones found on the ID cards.

The driver’s photo is slightly smaller than on the old licence and the word Taxi has been removed from the TfL roundel.

Unlike the previous new issue licence, you are reminded that it is an offence to refuse to carry a guide dog unless you have a specific medical exemption. The accompanying letter also states that the IDs are not to be tampered with, laminated or altered in anyway. Clear instruction is given as to where the IDs should be displayed.

From the 17th of November 2014, it will be mandatory to display the new identifiers and we are informed that any driver displaying old identifiers will be subject to compliance action.

I have never had a problem with displaying an ID to let the public know I am licensed for the area I’m actually working. But I feel uncomfortable displaying my badge number so prominently.

Why does our badge number need to be so large?

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