New London Taxi Adverts Hailed a Success

LondonTaxiPR+logo2London Taxis are under pressure and we need to shout from the rooftops the great advantages of black cabs

Two London cabbies with a combined experience of 40 years – Gary Long from Warlingham, Surrey and Lee Sheppard from Bromley, Kent – have organised the first advertising campaign promoting London Taxis for their safety and trust that’s been funded totally by donations from London Taxi drivers and suppliers.

Over 50 posters appear in London’s West End, highlighting the point that all black cabs are trusted for their safety and are wheelchair accessible. The £6,000 campaign is organised in association with JC Decaux, who assisted with the design of the posters.

This ‘Trust Safe Taxi’ poster advertising campaign is supplemented by a campaign on 400 digital screens on the roofs of 200 black taxis, kindly donated by Verifone Media.

Lee Sheppard, co-founder with Gary Long of London Taxi PR said, “London Taxis are under pressure and we need to shout from the rooftops the great advantages of black cabs. This is why we set up London Taxi PR to enable us to bring about campaigns such as these, so that we could highlight the benefits of our trade. We coined the phrase, “Take a Ride in London’s Pride” and we’ve received great feedback.

“We are currently in the process of raising £1,000 for a social media campaign and we will continually be raising funds to follow this campaign up with more poster awareness campaigns.

“We’ve made a positive start and look forward to reminding Londoners and visitors that London Taxis are the safest and most trusted in the world.”

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