New Free Currency App : Take Foreign Bank Notes, Give Change And Receive Bonus

Billions are lost to Merchants throughout the United Kingdom because they only accept pound sterling. WorldCash, The Currency App lets Merchants accept foreign currency as easily as pounds. The WorldCash Currency App is downloaded FREE and lets businesses like retailers, restaurants, hotels and taxis accept foreign banknotes as easily as they currently take pound notes.
You select the currency you are being offered and you are guided through the transaction, told how much currency to take and how much change to give in pounds. Then you just change the banknotes at any location shown on the App to change back into pounds plus a “cash cushion” to cover fluctuations. Guaranteed.
How much business have you lost because you and your customers only accepted pounds?
With WorldCash you can:
Expand your customer base
Close sales you never could before
Increase your profit
Exchange back to pounds 24/7
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