Minicab driver hurls a tirade of abuse!

The Taxi Driver in this video politely asks the Minicab/Private Hire driver to move off the Taxi Rank and is then subjected to a tirade of abuse from the PH driver.

This is the sort of abuse that Taxi drivers face in their working lives every day from these Private Hire drivers who flout the law, these PH drivers are licensed by Transport for London (TfL).

These drivers do not have any form of character assessment before gaining their license to transport people around our capital city, unlike London Taxi drivers whose character is continually assessed while attending appointments for the Knowledge of London test.

Although originally it was stated that licensing minicabs would weed out these sort of individuals at now appears that TfL have decided that licensing of Private Hire drivers is now a mere paper exercise to give the impression that they have some form of control over private hire drivers, but obviously they do not have any control whatsoever.

The way in which private hire drivers are licensed needs to be overhauled to ensure that drivers like the one in this video are never considered for licensing.

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