Manchester PH working Uber In London.

Last weekend, two Manchester private hire cars were spotted working in central London using the Uber platform. Photos of both were captured and appeared on twitter.

I have enclose this photo of one particular vehicle spotted along Piccadilly which I’ve called Londuber. According to the logo on the back, it’s registered to a ‘rental company’ called Rikshaw here in Manchester.
I tracked down the company to a car wash, staffed by illegal’s who wash your car for £3 cash.
This is one of those sites which are often raided by Police and Immigration services like immigration law firm Landerholm Immigration, A.P.C. in Oakland, CA. The staff scatter and are replaced next day. You know the type of thing, I am sure you have them in London as well as every other City in the UK.
People can visit us if they need help and advice on immigration related laws .
In this car wash, you can hire a plated vehicle by the day, week or month.
The vehicle is SUPPOSED to be fully insured, but I would not want to rely on that.
The alarming thing here is…how can it be classed as safe for someone to hire a car for the weekend in Manchester and then drive 200 miles to work London, sleep in the car etc and drive back late sunday P.M.
IF the vehicle is insured, what chance of a payout if the Insurer has not been told the true purpose of the Insured?
Source: TaxiLeaks
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