M25 speed camera switch on

The speed cameras on the M25 [PICS: Google Maps]

The speed cameras on the M25 [PICS: Google Maps]

THE Highways Agency are in the process of switching on speed cameras on the M25 between the M11 and the Dartford Crossing.

Cameras were fixed to some of the gantries which were installed when the 16-mile stretch of the road was widened two-years-ago.

Those cameras are now being switched on and will enforce a variable speed limit between junctions 27 and 30.

In recent days, signs notifying motorists that speed cameras are in operation have been fixed to the gantries.

The cam­eras are linked to the elec­tronic sig­nals on the gantries, which show manda­tory speed lim­its in red rings. But the camera’s will not be active when the electronic signs are blank.

The speed limits can be varied according to traffic conditions. The scheme has already been rolled out across other parts of the M25.

A Highways Agency spokesman said: “We are in the process of commissioning speed cameras and, in August, are installing the signs between junctions 27 and 30 of the M25.

“Cameras are used to smooth traffic flow and improve journey time reliability. Regardless of cameras, speed limits are enforceable by the police. It is important that drivers understand that the onus is on them to ensure that they abide by speed limits.”

In October, free-flow tolling is set to be introduced at the Dartford Crossing. It is hoped the scheme will cut congestion, with motorists paying remotely.

Thurrock Gazette: M25 signs

The signs which span across the M25’s carriageway

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