LTDA’s Pledge of £50,000 Puts New Life Into The #ActionforCabbies Fund.

And now the games back on…

We are running out of time but today’s boost from the LTDA has put us back in the game

Now it’s totally up to you.

Approx 5,000 Taxi drivers on Twitter. £25 each would be another £125,000

14718 members on the Save The Black Taxi FaceBook Group…£25 each would raise another £367,950

Surely we’ve all got friends and family willing to help save our jobs, just waiting to be asked.

Then there are the Taxi garages we use to rent, buy, service our cabs….put pressure on these, after all we would be saving their businesses too.

Let’s not forget the third parties who earn a living off our trade, the Credit Card companies who are expecting a windfall from taking part of our takings, insurance companies who have been raising premiums for years. These third parties should all be making sizeable contributions.

The LTDA have pledged £50,000 to the judicial review fund.

Another £25 from each and every one of you, could secure the future of your job.

Sitting on the fence will just secure splinters in your bum.

Please pledge now and the money won’t leave your account till the 14th March.


Apathy is no longer an option we need to act and to act now. Even if you’ve already pledged, please think about pledging again.

So far TfL have used refusal to enforce the law against us, now it’s our turn to use the legal system against them.

Let’s get TfL in court once and for all and save our trade.


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