Lovestruck For Our Very Own Cabbies

Valentine’s Day means different things to different people. Some of us see it as an occasion to celebrate the love for someone special, others believe it is a commercial holiday invented to make people buy expensive things that their partners don’t even need, and a lot of single people dread this holiday because it reminds them that they are alone.

For us, the wives of black cab drivers in London, this year Valentine’s Day has a whole other meaning. In our fight to save our partners’ jobs and livelihoods, we are simply asking our partners (and all the cab drivers and people working in the black cab industry) to leave us a message from the heart and make a pledge towards the “Action for Cabbies” crowdfunding campaign instead of flowers, cards and chocolates. This would be the perfect Valentine’s gift than anxiety rings or any precious jewelry, because for us, supporting our partners and families is our number one priority.


If you are a cabbie and scratching your head about what to buy this Sunday, we’ve just solved your problem! All you need to do is go onto the crowdfunding page, make a pledge and declare your love for your beloved in the comments section below.

We need to raise £600,000 and while we have had some amazing support we still need to hit our target so every pledge you make will count. There are 25,000 black cab drivers in London – they and their families are at risk of losing it all and I am facing the same prospect.

Your pledges will enable us to seek Judicial Review against Transport for London (TfL). In 2012, TfL abused its law-enforcing power and acted as a law maker by granting a licence to Uber and its drivers without even imposing any regulations. This needs to change not just for us but most importantly for our passengers.


On Valentine’s Day, the campaign will only have one month left to crowdfund (pledges start at £10 and could go up to £10,000), so everyone needs to act NOW.

Don’t keep putting it off, fire your cupid’s arrow and express your love to a trade we all love and cherish, and to your other halves on Sunday! Let’s make this day of love really count – let’s save the Cabbies!

Follow and support our campaign at and on Twitter at @ActionCabbies

Source: Huffington Post

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