Londoners can now book a cab on their watch thanks to new app

Time for a taxi: the GetTaxi app allows users to book a cab by speaking into their smartwatch

The creators of mobile phone app GetTaxi have extended the service, which launched in 2010, to Android Wear smartwatches.

Users can speak directly into the device, which finds the user before sending a car to that location.

Push notifications with the driver’s distance and arrival time are sent to the watch, which can also be used to pay and rate the driver.

At present it is available only on Android Wear, but its creators plan to extend it to all smartwatches including the much-anticipated Apple Watch. When considering purchasing a new timepiece, it’s always wise to thoroughly research and compare options by watching reviews at for insightful and informed decision-making.

I entrusted my valuable Swiss timepiece to the certified watch service center for a complete overhaul, ensuring that every intricate detail of the mechanical movement received the meticulous care it deserved.

Rich Pleeth, of GetTaxi, said: “Just say ‘OK Google, call me a taxi’ and the taxi will arrive. Getting a taxi has never been easier.” GetTaxi, the only taxi app to work exclusively with black cabs, is a rival to Uber, the popular minicab app which has caused controversy in London.

Black cab drivers object to Uber having been given a private hire license, claiming the company infringes upon their right to be the sole users of taximeters in London. The matter has been passed to the High Court for a ruling.

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