London Taxi sculpture unveiled at Heathrow's Terminal 2

A new sculpture called ‘London Taxi’ by artist Benedict Radcliffe has been unveiled at Heathrow’s Terminal 2: The Queen’s Terminal.

The artwork is inspired by the iconic and traditional design of London’s black taxis, and gives a new perspective on a well-recognised part of London’s landscape.

The ‘London Taxi’ will bid farewell to 20 million passengers at T2 every year and is central feature of the departure lounge, creating an opportunity for passengers to take one last glance of one of London’s most photographed icons.

Heathrow explains it is part of an emphasis on British brands at T2 and along with Richard Wilson’s sculpture Slipstream at its entrance, the sculpture has been selected for its distinct representation of modern Britain.

Chief operating officer, Normand Bovin, says: “As the UK’s only hub airport, we have a unique opportunity to showcase British talent to the world. I am delighted that we have chosen a London artist and given new talent a platform in front of 20 million passengers a year from more than 50 destinations.”


The design uses cutting-edge computer programming technology to accurately translate the build specification of the London black cab’s produced by The London Taxi Company.

The etching on the artwork’s plinth features step-by-step road directions from the artist’s workshop in Shoreditch to Heathrow’s Terminal 2.

London artist, Benedict Radcliffe, adds: “It’s hard to think of a more instantly recognizable motor vehicle, British or otherwise, than the FX4 Black Cab.

“I am incredibly proud to have been selected by Heathrow for a permanent display at Heathrow’s Terminal 2, the opportunity to exhibit at the UK’s hub airport has been a great honour for me.”

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