London Taxi Community, Warm Clothing For The Homeless Appeal 2016.

As we descended in convoy through William IV Street, there was loud applause from the homeless community on both sides of the pavement. We were blessed to be able to park up behind each other with no interruptions.

Everyone queued up at each taxi in a friendly manner and each driver served their goods from their cabs as quickly as they could.
 • 800 pairs off socks, gone
 • 300 pants, gone
 • 27 pairs of mens cowboy boots, gone
 • 13 sleeping bags, gone
 • 35 thermal vests, gone
 • Men’s coats jumpers trouser, gone
 • Ladies underwear, gone
 • Men’s hats scarfs gloves, gone
Just a few bags off ladies clothes left and they will go to Crisis west London branch (Paddington Green), which will open its doors to the homeless on the 22nd December for 10 days.

It was nice to see taxis pulling up and getting out with bags off clothing.

Family members from the taxi community coming  over to show support ,one lady said to her daughters that’s your dad’s people always doing good .
Thank you to everyone who donated either clothes or money.
Thank you to all the taxi facebook groups, Taxis drivers on Twitter, the Salvation Army, Red Cross, Crisis, Shelter and all the Taxi orgs that showed support .
Big thank you to the cab drivers that were out there last-night helping on this gig
And respect to Anton Haynes and his partner Heather, who together with their crew give out tea, coffee, rolls, sandwiches EVERY Monday from his Taxi in Agar Street.
Truly inspiring people.
Last but not least a big thanks to my lady the Wardster, Helen ward who was in charge of ladies clothing last night. She has had to put up with laundry bags all over our flat for the last couple off weeks…..but our cats have loved it.
I know it’s tough on the cab at the moment, I work nights myself and it can be a bit soul destroying but none the less sleeping in a doorway no money for food no family or friends, freezing cold…that’s a whole different ball game.
Merry Christmas
One of the London Taxi community.
Wedding Taxis

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