London cabs put Chicago to shame

By Rick Telendar Chicago Sun Times

London–It’s stunning, but taxis here are built for passengers, for their comfort. This is quite different from Chicago cabs, which are built for God knows who. For the drivers, perhaps, who can adjust their seats while a lone passenger sits behind the bullet-proof glass, knees in face, screaming directions to a disinterested, ear-bud-wearing slob yacking slowly to some pal on his cellphone about the chicks they’re gonna pick up tonight.


But here–well, look at these photos: spacious seat for two or three, so much leg room Kareem Abdul-Jabbar could stretch out, big windows, two large jump seats in case there’s five of you, controls YOU control, and floors (generally) that don’t look like Leatherface left drippings from his last remnant there.

In Chicago, I have nearly cut off my own face trying to get in a cab with those miserable pointed doors. Here, the doors are as wide and square as you could like. Think about it Chicago taxi goers–revolt worked in 1776.

Wedding Taxis

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