Letter To The Editor From Dave Davies : Sack Boris Campaign.

Yesterday’s London Taxi Protest was an outstanding success in terms of taxi drivers taking positive direct action and the UCG should be congratulated for that.

However in terms of actual results it may well not change what TFL do for one very simple reason; they don’t have to.

TFL and Hendy are accountable and answerable to NO ONE ; (with the one exception of Boris Johnson.)

They have been told in very clear terms many months ago exactly what they are doing wrong by the GLA report which stated TFL are ‘woefully inadequate’

They were given until March to come up with a plan for action

They have done nothing and they will continue to do the same.


If anyone is unsure about the position of TFL then just read their statements about today’s protest.

They have lied through their teeth on many points and it is a breach of Public Law for people in public office to be dishonest, and could well constitute Misconduct in Public Office.


Ask yourself  if you truly believe that TFL who are  lying through their teeth like this about the taxi trade are going to wake up tomorrow morning and suddenly decide to do the honourable thing and act reasonably?

Of course they won’t because they don’t have to; they answer to no one (except Boris Johnson)


Anyone who believes that TFL are going to take positive action for the benefit of the taxi trade in May is seriously misguided. If they were going to act they would have done it.

Yesterday’s protest was an annoyance to TFL and nothing more.


The only way that the changes that are needed will happen is if there is regime change.

Boris Johnson and TFL will never act reasonably, they will always act in their own interests.


The only person who can change anything is Boris Johnson. If a #sackboris protest is supported then he will either resign or make immediate changes at TFL for the better.

He is currently standing as Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Uxbridge. If he makes no immediate change for the better  he risks continued  protests directed at him which could jeopardize his chances of becoming a Member of Parliament.

This is the only thing he wants and he no longer really cares about being Mayor of London.

If he resigns as Mayor then the London Taxi trade will have the opportunity to vote for a Mayor who will make immediate changes.

The only time that a protest will be effective is before the election; after will be too late.


During the 2012 Mayoral Election a very small group of drivers supported the Cabbies Against Boris protest. Boris Johnson knew how badly this could affect his campaign and immediately set up a meeting with the Deputy Mayor. If this campaign had been supported the changes that are needed would have happened 3 years ago.

The Taxi trade missed that opportunity .

Please do not miss the opportunity again because you may not get another


The protest yesterday by the UCG proves that drivers can be properly represented without the established trade organisations.


A #SACKBORIS protest cannot be interpreted by TFL or the media as anything else; it is clear in its message and its objective.

There are thousands of people and many groups in London who have been adversely affected by the improper decisions of Boris Johnson on many issues

  • Air Pollution- his improper air quality strategies have failed miserably leading to tens of thousands of deaths from air pollution and a huge cost to the NHS each year in London.
    • Social Housing- he has failed to implement proper social housing policies leading to hardship and an increase in the homeless
    • Property Deals- he has ignored proper planning process allowing dubious developments i.e. Royal Albert Docks.
    • NHS- he has overseen policies which have lead to the closure of vital NHS services
    • Social Injustice- he has made many improper decisions which do not comply with Public Law
    • Transport-he has implemented improper transport policies adversely affecting transport workers and commuters
    • Taxi Drivers- he has implemented an unlawful taxi age limit and failed to enforce regulations
    • Fire Brigade- he has improperly cut services and closed fire stations

There are many groups already supporting the #SACKBORIS campaign including Occupy London and the Peoples Assembly.

It will be impossible for the media to report that the protest is about anything other than #SACKBORIS.


The Mayor of London is also Police and Crime Commissioner which means he cannot legally be an MP at the same time.

He needs to be reminded of this and resign as Mayor immediately.

I would urge the UCG and the trade in general to seriously consider its position and keep the momentum going.

Act now before the election and have another protest next week


Please help #SACKBORIS by tweeting and signing the petition


Dave Davies.

Wedding Taxis

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