Letter to the Editor : Enough’s Enough : Email Campaign… Please Support.

Ladies & Gentlemen, fellow Taxi drivers,

After the recent Windsor House demonstration a small number of taxi drivers started receiving letters from a character called Andrea Shaw at Transport for London with regards to displaying ‘Illegal Signage’ in their vehicles during the demo.

The ‘Illegal Signage’ in question was a ‘Totally Failing London’ sign, which I might stress DID NOT contain the copywritten TfL logo.

The drivers singled out have been told that they have 14 days to send in a photo of their vehicle with the offending material removed or face the full wrath of TfL’s mighty legal department.

Make no mistake about it… This is nothing but victimisation and intimidation of good honest hardworking taxi drivers who are giving up their time to fight for their jobs.

Some of you might have seen their officers, hanging around Palace Street area writing down driver’s details.

Utterly despicable by TfL’s senior management, though not suprising after they used the same dirty tactics to try and intimidate us during the Olympic demos. Back then 5 drivers were singled out at Parliament Sq and summonsed to answer the heinous charge of stepping outside of their taxis on a blistering hot day in the middle of a demonstration that hadn’t moved an inch in hours.

I’m pleased to say my trade org, the UCG, told TfL to go and do one and that was the last we heard of it.

I was reliably informed that Surface Transport Manager Leon Daniels was the person responsible for those letters, and i’m led to believe his intention was to make the Parly Sq 5 sit on the Palestra naughty step all day and then tell them to clear off.

What a despicable way to treat us and shows the utter contempt this man holds us in. I don’t doubt that Mr Daniels will be a happy man when we are gone!

And that’s where this email campaign begins…This was a tactic we used effectively a few years ago and one that John Mason certainly hated. It did however change his position of ignoring us, to one where he was forced to respond to us every time.

Believe me this will give them loads of grief!

If TfL want to start intimidating and victimising us for trying to save our jobs then fine… Let them crack on!

But we can play their games too, and a few of our own!

Please copy & paste the notice at the bottom into your email and send it to the 4 email addresses below.

Send it as many times as you can and get all your friends and family to do it, and if their email system crashes under the strain then what a shame that would be!

If we all stand together on this they will think twice about victimising us again, so please take a few minutes to send this, and play your part in the fightback!

Remember… Its not illegal to demonstrate… It’s your right to complain… And its certainly not against the law to send emails.

Fire away chaps!











Dear Sir/Madam

I am sending you this email to register my disgust at the way you and your organisation have, and continue to treat London’s taxi drivers whilst they are fighting to save their jobs. A job that you ‘Transport for London’ are destroying with your catastrophic decisions towards our industry.

The letters recently sent out to taxi drivers for displaying illegal signage on the Windsor House demonstration were petty, and show nothing but the utter contempt with which you hold us in.

I would like to remind you that the London Taxi trade has been in existence for over 360 years and if you think you can eradicate us on a whim you are sadly mistaken!

‘WE’ are the “Gold Standard”… Not Transport for London!

If you continue to victimise London taxi drivers whilst they are demonstrating, as you also did during the Olympic demonstrations, then I will continue to send you emails of complaint!

Yours Sincerely

A disgruntled driver.
Its that simple. If anyone needs any help with this then please feel free to ask.

ok…Let’s see how they like it?


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