Letter To TfL : Request To Revoke Hailo Network Licence.

Our Letter to TFL in relation to Hailo

From: Steve Garelick @ GMB Drivers [mailto:steve.garelick@gmbdrivers.org]
Sent: Thursday, April 23, 2015 8:53 PM
To: ‘Blake Peter’; Chapman Helen (TPH) (HelenChapman@tfl.gov.uk); Hayward Siwan (Siwan.Hayward@TfL.gov.uk)
Cc: ; Michelle.Bacon@gmb.org.uk; Tony.Warr@gmb.org.uk; simon.rush@gmbdrivers.org

Subject: Request to revoke Hailo Networks Licence

Following a letter from myself to Hailo Networks I have failed to receive a response whatsoever to issues surrounding work undertaken by our member O. I. a licenced Driver with TFL.

Mr. I. joined Hailo’s service in early January and despite finding the service was quiet he undertook what work was offered.

His first journeys over a 9 hour period took place on January 24th for a grand total of £23.00

On April 5th the computerised system passed him a journey to Plymouth that including a tip came to £926.20 a not unsubstantial sum.

Understandably Mr. I. was not only alarmed but shocked to find that not only had he been accused of being involved in a ‘fraud’ job but also advised he had allegedly been texted that he should be checking card data of journeys over £100.00

Not only did he never receive such a message no terms exist in the exiting driver handbook.

We have been able to check with other Hailo Executive drivers an all confirm without exception that have not received such a message.

To ask a driver to check card data breached PCI DSS Guidelines.

The larger issue clearly is that not only are Hailo acting unprofessionally and in withholding monies for legitimately undertaken work.

Not only is this underhand it is concerning.

It seems that Hailo are not taking appropriate checks and expecting drivers to pay for Hailos poor Judgement.

To accuse a driver of complicity in fraud is a serious matter which we ask you to contact the appropriate TFL Police contacts to now investigate.

Based on the contractual obligation to provide service on page 78 of your manual the operator has also entered in to a contract with the driver this is further enforced by identifying the driver also covered in this section.

On the basis that operators should be fit and proper this is now questioned by not only the allegation of fraud against the driver but the fact that clearly fraudulent journeys are taking place and that Hailo is failing to undertake appropriate checks on passengers this would point towards inaccurate booking records which of course is reinforced on page 87 of the guidelines.

Clearly the system is not fit for purpose.

On this basis I believe that Hailo Networks Private Hire licence should be suspended as they have made heinous accusation without foundation but have clearly maligned our member and acted outside the bounds of decency and honour.

Steve Garelick
Branch Secretary Professional Drivers G56

Source: Published on the GMB Proffesional Drivers Branch Website
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