Letter To Taxi News: Burn Your Bridges…And Learn To Swim Against TheTide.

Considering we have 5 representative Orgs, we have no real leadership.

Personally I only recognise the LCDC, RMT and UCG as being on our side. In my opinion, the LTDA and Unite are not.
None of them have achieved anything except the LCDC with the Identifiers.
They all come up with exclusives and FOI stats and …do nothing at all.
On a small scale they are okay for legal cover and advice … sometimes.
There are no Orgs directly hitting TfL.
They all seem to want to get their feet under the table with TfL and the GLA, but are scared to rock the boat.
God forbid they upset the powers that are destroying us.
The LTDA tell us their expensive, top of the tree PR company suggest it is unwise to protest.
So how do the public find out about this government’s aim to deregulate the Taxi industry in favour of a tax avoiding American tech company based in Holland?
Because the public do not read Taxi or The Badge.
We cannot even inform our own drivers, let alone the uninterested public.
Uber have shown their cards for all to see, via the IEA.
Informed Taxi driver knew all along this is the aim of Uber, TfL, Mayors Johnson and Khan, and HM Government.
We’ve known all along that Uber are the pathfinders of TTIP.
We’ve known all along the vast majority of the mega rich and powerful want more power and more riches via a slave class tucked nicely up in bed with an all inclusive Federal Government of Europe, aligned to the Federal Government of America, where worker ants will never aspire to anything but serve their company with religious vigor.
But I digress …
What does this expensive, top of the tree PR company, retained by the LTDA suggest in retaliation?
Don’t rock the boat, and more consultations with our ‘Owners’.
And where has that gotten us, may I ask?
Just take out private legal insurance.
As you might have gathered, I’m pissed off with them all.
They all seem to have no sense of urgency, nor do they have the backbone to stand up to the ones who are killing us.
No doubt Org members will reply to my rant with promises of stuff in the pipeline.
And maybe they have, I don’t know.
But don’t you think it’s a too little too late?
The three Orgs that I personally acknowledge will make excuses of all kinds, not enough funds, not recognised by TfL, excluded by others etc. etc.
And again some of that might be true.
The bottom line is we’ve not won a thing.
Uber are winning and winning and winning.
You either stand up to a bully … or bend over.
There will be no protests called before Christmas, because that would affect the family man and woman on the eve of Christmas, during a lean time already.
But I feel there should be some bastard protests, four, five or twelve hours long, two, three, five days a week.
This Mayor is playing for time.
Read his proposed promises – he’s promised us what we already own, with a few fringe benefits thrown in. He has his eye on being PM. He will not like us showing London, showing the nation that he cannot control his own staff at TfL….. or us.
Don’t go cap in hand and ask to be allowed around the negotiating table. 
This is war!
Lenny Etheridge
Wedding Taxis

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