Letter To the Editor : Technology Must Be Tried, Tested And Available…by GreenBadge John.

As long as politicians are driving utopian ideology cobblers years ahead of real available now technology, the London Taxi Driver is always going to pay the financial cost what ever the outcome, who can ever forget the stupid catalytic converter retro-fit scheme which was forced upon owners at a political arms length, especially as it was authorised by an un-educated so called “trust” … remember that?

Now Nissan has realised that a business cannot rely on future expansion with an unreliable political stewardship,

They have wiped their mouth and walked away losing £26 million quid, so what hope is there for single owner drivers?

The technology MUST be present and proved to be efficient first….BEFORE licensing constraints are placed upon existing reliable technology.

That proof should not be simply taken as lip service from greedy green based tech companies, but be bourne out in time and motion studied evidenced based facts.
As motorised engineering is used in all daily motorised aspects in London it should be studied accordingly an not just by forcing Taxi drivers to adapt ahead of other main stream users.
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